TDCS: Hyperchange at "But, S/he indorsed the Sheen" Exhibition in Amsterdam
The Daily Climate ShowThe Daily Climate Show (TDCS) is an ongoing series exploring changes in the climate caused by human activity. Through immersive and interactive virtual experiences, it explores ways of tackling the difficulty of acting and of understanding the impact of climate change.

The Daily Climate Show takes a close look at the guilt complex in relation to the current climate change movement, guilt-tripping people seems to be believed as an effective approach nowadays not only in common commercial advertising industries but also more generally in art and activism. While facing more and more challenges with global political instability, environmental degradation, and alienation of capitalism, we have to question, “where is this excess production of emotional terrorism going to take us?”

Each of the iterations of the TDCS series is made on a site-specific basis, but the topics of research evolve around the idea that climate change is an extremely complex and abstract topic that makes it difficult to address and perceive daily. In the past, we worked with climate consultants, environmental scientists, activists, and phycologists to create a positive framework for an immersive format that allows us to address the subtle emotional journeys and make the installations and experiences more engaging and directly appealing to the public. We would like to continue exploring where we can take this format by organizing climate–positive workshops, and meditation sessions as well as engaging in conversation and community forming on a topical basis.
Presentation of TDCS Hyperchange at the Development Week in Tetem, Enschede
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